Take Years Off The Body: Amazing Results From 5 Simple Tips

Take years off the body. Is your body showing your age? Not just laugh lines and crow’s feet give away your age. Thinning hair, veiny legs, and droopy boobs cause your body to speak out. You can take years off the body, with some simple tricks. Here are 5 smart ways to change the clock without having to spend a fortune.

Way 1) Sun-Damaged Skin

Freckles were cute when you were a kid, but they were really early signs of sun damage. So are broken capillaries around your nose and cheeks, wrinkles around your eyes and lips, and brown spots. You might even have precancerous spots later in life.


Always wearing sunscreen. Even in winter. It won’t get rid of existing damage, but it will prevent any further harm.
Use a product that stimulates formation of new collagen.

Pricy Fixes:

Prescription retinoids
Chemical peels
Laser or light therapy

Way 2) Thinning Hair

Around 30 to 40 percent of women experience hair loss. It is usually genetic. Pregnancy also can be a culprit. Declining hormones during peri-menopause can play a role as early as the 30s and 40s.


First see your doctor before you start any treatments listed, as you may have a medical problem.
There are hair-loss concealers that contain microfiber that coat your hair and add color to your scalp, camouflaging thin spots. It washes out, so you have to use it daily or between shampoos.
I have written several posts that covers this subject in detail.

Way 3) Sagging Breasts

Again, hormonal changes result in less breast tissue and more fat, which may lead to sagging. If you have breast fed more than one child or gained and lost a lot of weight at any point, the chance of saggy breast could increase.


Good posture. Remember your mom saying, “Stand up straight”? Well, it really applies now. Toning the muscles in your upper back will improve your posture and lift breasts.
Bust serums are very popular in Europe. They act to lift and firm the breasts.
Fake a lifted look with the correct bra. Most women wear the wrong size. Get measured at a department or lingerie store and buy bras that support your figure. Also, wear an exercise bra while working out. One with separate cups gives the best support.
Pricy Fix: A breast lift.

Way 4) Your Hands

Sun takes its toll not just on your face. The brown spots on your hands are pigmentation changes due to UV damage. Your skin overall thins as your age, but the loss of volume in your hands shows more because the skin there is thinner to start out.

Solutions: Using a good hand cream that contains agents that lighten brown spots and rev up collagen is helpful. It takes time for this to show signs of working, so don’t give up.

Pricy Fixes: Q-switched laser therapy zaps brown spots, so no waiting. You can also have fillers injected that will plump up your hands. Fraxel laser treatments can slough off dark spots as well as thicken collagen to improve the hand’s texture.

Way 5) Bulging Leg Veins

Generally you can blame genetics for the rope-like varicose veins. But aging also has a role in this. Weight gain and lack of muscle tone can also cause this problem. Extra weight causes more pressure on the legs, which in turn stresses the valves that keep your blood flowing toward your heart. Blood ends up pooling in your veins and enlarges them.


Regular exercise, cardio and strength training as well, will help you shed extra pounds, boost circulations and ease the pressure on your veins. But, the exercise sessions will not eliminate the veins your already have, but will slow down the making of new ones.
Compression stockings can help to reduce swelling. They won’t fix the veins, but can keep them from getting worse. I know the stocking don’t look great, but you should wear them as much as possible. Remember, they don’t show under pants!

You can also try a refreshing gel to help with inflammation and pain in your legs. This will not repair the veins, but help them to feel better.

Serious Pricy Fixes:

Sclerotherapy is a procedure that you make the veins disappear. Your dermatologist can inject the veins with a chemical solution to close them up. There also is a fairly new drug called Asclera, which can be used for spider veins and smaller varicose veins. There is mixed reviews on this. Check with your doctor.
A long term fix is endovenous ablation. The doctor will insert a thin catheter into the vein and use a laser or radio waves to heat and seal it. Over time the vein will disappear. The treatment is pricy, but the good news is that most of the tab may be covered by insurance.

I hope some of these 5 fixes will help you to take years off the body. Start with the simple solutions first and see if they work. That might be all you need so that you can age gracefully.